Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Brit, out and about

What is it now, just over a month since the Federspawn was birthed, and Brit doesn't look bad at all. Considering her track record on, you know, showering (optional?), wearing clothes of the correct size, carrying around family-sized cartons of Cheetos and Zantrex-3, she looks pretty damn good for having just birthed a child.
OF COURSE, I just heard that David Beckham required Posh Spice to have a tummy tuck following the birth of their third Posh-Becks spawn, and I wonder if K-Fed did the same...
In any case, someone should tell Brit that they DO make black nursing bras and wearing one is perfectly OK and won't scar her baby for life --Kabbalah / P. Diddy reqirements notwithstanding.

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