Thursday, October 06, 2005

They should name the baby Glib

"Sometimes you just gotta say, what the fuck?!?"

Nothing says, "Hey world! I told you I wasn't gay!" like impregnating your young starlet fiancee.
Good job Cruise.


cube said...

I want to see that baby's paternity test. Hmmm more DNA talk.

Q: Do you know what DNA stands
A: It's the acronym for the
National Dyslexics of

Amy said...

Isn't that crazy??! And she apparently said that she was going to wait until marriage. This is what happened with Nicole Kidman, she got pregnant then he said it wasn't his. Guess somebody educated him between now and then that sometimes things just happen.

cube said...

Amy, I thought Crazy Cruise & Nicole Kidman adopted all their children. I thought Kidman got pregnant after they broke up.

Amy said...

No, they broke up, she found out she was pregnant, and he said it wasn't hers. She was prepared to provide DNA evidence that it was his, which I thought was oh so sad, that here her husband springs a divorce on her, she miscarries, then he claims it's not his.

Jessey said...

Tom is obviously slightly insane. I mean, seriously. He used to be OK, but now he's crazy. That seems to be what Scientology does to people, witness John Travolta.
There is actually a .list of celeb scientologists and they are all kind of out there, whether that was pre or post cult induction, I do not know.

Hilary said...

Yah so when all this Tom Cruise/Scientology stuff started being in the news I read (i.e. celebrity gossip blogs) I did some research (i.e. googling) on scientology, and lemme tell you, it's WEIRD! I mean, no duh, right? But seriously, weird. No screaming during natural childbirth? Um, right, because that would just be wrong and unnatural? Jessey, back me up on this!

Jessey said...

I actually was spared the pain of childbirth au naturel, but what pain I did experience prior to the lovely spinal block was considerable and should it have continued I would have likely screamed myself hoarse.
However! If you watch A Baby Story, you know that the modern medical professionals also discourage making noise during childbirth, saying it somehow distracts from the pushing. Um, hello, watermelon coming out of a keyhole, nothing can distract from that!

drogidy said...

Natural birth is incredibly painful - for the mother enduring it, and for the father having to watch.

I know this because before our second child (born 1 month ago yesterday actually) we agreed never to breed again, and discussed how to avoid the eventuality. My wife was adamant about keeping my 'tubes' in their original form, and finding alternative forms of protection.

Then, during the birth, she suddenly grabbed my hand, squeezed it hard and yelled: "YOU'RE GETTING THE VASECTOMY!!!"

To cut a long story short (pun intended), my wife retracted her command once the epidural was applied, and reasonable discourse resumed. I can only assume from this experience that men don't know what real pain is. Ladies, I salute you.

As for poor Katie Holmes.. little does she realise she's just a breeding tank for a new Thetan clone body. It's like a scientologist-version of Rosemary's baby. If only she was old enough to remember that movie..

..or vote.. (did I say that out aloud?)

cube said...

Kate (Crazy Cruise told her she wasn't to be called Katie any more) is heading for heartache, but there is no law against being stupid.

Jessey said...

Poor Kate Cruise.
What voodoo has L. Ron Hubbard's head in a jar done to my Joey Potter??
As those who know me are well aware of, I really dislike Tom Cruise. I don't get his appeal on any level. He bothers me, always has. Even before the whole "Matt, you're glib" brouhaha.
At least "Kate" will have a nice settlement when her marriage contract with Tom expires.
I still just feel so bad for Chris Klein. Poor guy. For him, it turns out his former five-year fiancee is a bought and paid for baby making publicity whore who is also easily brainwashed.