Friday, October 07, 2005

People wonder why we're not friends...

When I tell people that my brother and I don't get along and don't talk to each other, they think it's a sad thing.
They are wrong.
This is a message I got from my brother on MySpace that sort of explains why I choose to not be buddy-buddy with him. I think it's self-explanatory.

"Oct 7, 2005 11:28 AM
Body: and you wonder why you only have 8 friends.
(8 friends you dont even talk to in REAL life)
Grow the fuk up loser!
and send that fucking cable you retard.
oh yea, by the way. FUCK YOU.

He's sweet huh.


Amy said...

Oh my god are you serious?!? I take it this is not a silly in-joke that you guys do.

Jessey said...

Yeah, totally serious. He's maybe the biggest jerk on the planet. I just got through telling my sister in law how lucky she is to have semi-normal brothers and not a freak like me.

Dak-Ind said...

wow, um, i think i would leave him a nice offline messgae "Bite Me You JackA$$, never talk to me again!" but then, i try not to talk to my siblings-in-laws because they, too, suck!

cube said...

A certain amount of teasing is normal with siblings, but it sounds like your brother has unresolved issues. I'm sorry for you.

Jessey said...

Well, there is definitely a built in benefit to living at least a 9 hour drive away. Hundreds of miles separating me from the freak definitely help.
I also went to college about 350 miles away from home, so I really haven't even seen the kid all that often for about 10 years. You'd think that whatever psychotic imaginary blood-feud he'd cooked up would have dissipated by now, but there's no reasoning with nutjobs.

pstvnrgy said...