Tuesday, October 18, 2005

What's Wrong With Madonna?

I mean, seriously and really truly, what is wrong with her?
She looks like one of those wax figurines of celebrities that only marginally resembles the person it represents.
I'm down with her whole chameleon image, shape shifting, keeping up with the times thing that she does, but what the hell is this?


cube said...

Well, I'll tell ya, guv'nah, she's the lie-dy of the manor. Everyone must refer to her as me'lie-dy in a fake English accent.

Jessey said...

Oh that's right. I forgot. She's also called Esther now.
Did you know those red-string Kabbalah bracelets cost $26. I should go buy some red yarn, travel to L.A. and make millions.

cube said...

There you go. You don't have to bank on winning the lottery. You can separate fools from their too-easily earned money.

cube said...

I forgot to add that Fester is a more appropriate name for the Cootie Queen.