Saturday, November 05, 2005

Eagles Suspend Terrell Owens Indefinitely

I love football. I watch football and I bet on games against my husband.
I have even been known to win a few office pools in my day...
I just love football.

But I hate Terrell Owens. I hate his attitude, I hate his theatrics. I hate TO.
I am glad the Eagles suspended him, even though it causes hassles on my fantasy football teams.
Bottom line with the Eagles-TO situation...the Eagles were willing to put up with TO's crap as long as they were winning. Now with McNabb injured, and off the top of his game, the Eagles are barely hanging on to a .500 average so, Owens' tirades are less palatable.
You know, you put up with the loudmouth who gets the job done, but the loudmouth who's just blowing smoke and not doing much else, yeah, you suspend him indefinitely.
Owens is on the way out of Philly for sure. The only question is, what team in their right mind would want to pick this poison up?
God help us, NOT the Raiders!


juicy couture said...

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cube said...

We had a bigmouth on the Bucs (Keyshawn) & we cut him loose too.
I hope TO doesn't end up here. I can't stand him.

Jessey said...

My husband is a diehard Raiders fan, and he seems OK with TO joining his team, if it comes to that. Though he did say in order to satify the egos of both TO and Randy Moss they would need to have two QBs on the field at all times and thus substantively change the rules of football, something I am not sure the NFL is willing to do at this time.

Cary said...

I hate to break the Raider's or the Buc's hearts, but with Mr. Bidwill's trach record of wanting the biggest circus in town, TO will probably end up on the Cardinals, long enough to cause great harm (wait, that's been done) and all respect for the Cards to leave town (wait, that's been done too). Then, he will sign a one-minute contract with the Eagles so he can retire from "his" team. Not that this scenario has played out before or anything...

I hate the Cardinals, and I haven't seriously followed football in a long time. I'm just tired of not having a winner in town.

Jessey said...

The Cardinals, as dismal as they are, would probably be more than happy to sign TO. It's like the stunt signing of Emmitt Smith.
Other contenders, Houston, New Orleans, Green Bay (though I think Brett Favre would rather cut off his throwing arm then throw to this pissant) pretty much any team dragging down the back end of their division.
Even the 49ers MIGHT consider re-signing him, if their memories are short and their dreams to win are strong. Though, TO hasn't really proven himself to be a game winning player with Philly, maybe it's just because he hated the team and pulled a Randy Moss "I'll play hard when I want to play hard."
Unfortunately, that sort of subjective judgement is NOT what the Eagles paid TO for, which is why they will deactivate him and try to recoup their signing bonus. A move, I have to admit, I love.

Jessey said...

Sorry, I sit corrected, it's actually Randy “I only play hard when I want to” Moss

And you can quote him on that!

Jessey said...

OK I just saw the funniest part of this whole story...
TO had pizza delivered to his house yesterday. Whoever answered the door, not TO, gave the delivery guy a $5 tip. In some sort of protest against TO, the delivery guy left the tip on the doorstep.

Read about it here