Friday, November 04, 2005

Clean nose, teeth and ears

Elizabeth is obsessed with cleanliness.
Wait, let me rephrase.
Elizabeth is obsessed with cleaning very specific parts of her body. Specifically, ears, nose, teeth. Fingernails, bah! Let them rot. Bottom? Let the poo take over. But GOD FORBID the nose have one booger. Strike us down if the ears are waxy! There shalt not be plaque built up on teeth thicker than a winter sweater!

This morning Elizabeth was adamant about cleansing her teeth. So adamant in fact, that she broke into the bathroom somehow (despite being unable to turn doorknobs) I suspect Louie was her accomplice. I was unaware of her trespass until I heard a loud BONK and then a very quiet cry, as though she was saying "I fear I may be injured, however, my illegal actions leading up to this injury will surely result in further trouble, so maybe I'll just lay here."

I found her lying on her back on the bathroom floor. Head resting on the edge of the door. Toothpaste tube in one hand, tiny toddler toothbrush in the other.
When she saw me appear in the doorway, she looked at me with a look that said "What the hell did this to me?" held out the teeth cleaning accessories and said "Teeth?"

I can only suspect that she had climbed up onto the toilet seat, reached successfully for the toothpaste and brush and then fell off the toilet.
It happens.


Amy said...

That is too funny. I guess you can never start good oral hygiene too early.

Jessey said...

Good oral hygiene, yes, but she's also honing her climbing up on the counters skills, for when she grows up to be a munchkin like her mommy.