Tuesday, November 29, 2005

First Snow!

Over the weekend, we had our first "snow"!!!
It was really just a dusting, and it all melted within two hours of sunrise...but, it was snow nonetheless!
Very very exciting.
My husband made this tiny snowman out of the paltry amount of snow.
We were very happy that winter is here...then we had a pipe freeze.
Luckily it didn't bust, but we were without hot water for a whole day while it thawed.
Very fun.


cube said...

I am jealous of your puny snow. I would kill for puny, or even meager snow!

Jessey said...

Oh, this snow was certainly of the puny variety.
Last winter we got snowed into our property and our neighbor had to come plow us out. Saved my husband about two hours of shoveling. Now THAT was fun!
Nothing like emergency powdered milk! That reminds me...

Freebird said...

What are you guys talkin' bout?! I'd kill for any kind of snow. It doesn't snow in Houston.

I'm sooo jealous!

Jessey said...

Snow is super fun. We have a hill in our yard and after a really good snow, we can go sledding on our own property. That is really fun.
Maybe when the climates shift, Houston will get some snow and we'll get all the hot hot heat.