Tuesday, November 29, 2005

When mom's away...


I let her out of my sight for literally 15 minutes.
She found a RED sharpie.
She drew all over herself. She drew all over my TV, my TV cabinet. There was sharpie on the rug, on my blankets, basically all over the place.

Her expression in this picture says "What? I'm not SUPPOSED to draw all over the place with red sharpie markers? Someone should have told me that!"


Amy said...

Hmm, I'm pretty sure there was another post that you took down. Not a bad idea I think.

I can just imagine that picture being sent around the internet out of context. Except for her not crying she looks like she's been mauled.

Jessey said...

I took down one post about work, because I got paranoid. It's me, it's what I do. :)

Attack of the Red Sharpie Pen lives on though...
I did manage to get the red sharpie pen off of the screen of the television using regular Windex and then off of the plastic of the television using rubbing alcohol, so it's really true, nothing lasts forever, even permanent marker.

Freebird said...

When Andrew was about that age he got a hold of some scissors. He didn't poke his eye out, but he did give himself one snazzy haircut.

Did she get the walls? Oh, that would be bad.