Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Lionel Richie: Nicole Has Successorexia

I am just so glad that this word "successorexia" appears nowhere in this article.
Good lord knows we don't need another mishmash Bennifer-esque term in our collective American vocabulary.
Here's a pic of the skeletal Ms. Richie, for the non-squeamish among you.

On an nearly unrelated topic, I hate it when people say they are workOHOLics or sexOHOLics.
The OHOL part, it comes from alcOHOL. You are a workic or a sexic. End of pet peeve session.


Amy said...

She really is scary skinny. She did not even look bad before, but a healty person next to bony Paris and I guess you'd feel fat too. It really isn't so surprising that so many hollywood women have eating disorders. Normal women hate seeing pictures of themselves, I can only imagine how hard it would be when your photo is everywhere, and the paparazzi purposely try to get a photo of you looking your worst!

Jessey said...

My husband's fourth and current stepmom was quick to point out that Nicole Richie was the "ugly one" between Nicole and Paris when the Simple Life started.
I seriously disagree with that, then and now.
Nicole at least looks semi-human now and was fully human then.
But did you see her on the AMAs last night? She's made of matchsticks! It's not right!
Eat Nicole! Eat!!
It's especially funny because her fiance DJ AM had gastric bypass surgery because he was apparently a giant tub in years past, and she is now the incredible shrinking woman as well...very interesting couple no?

Freebird said...

Quick! Somebody hand that girl a Big Mac!

Amy said...

I always said to my husband that I felt bad for her because she was made out to the be the fat, frumpy, ugly friend, and she's actually more attractive than Paris.

Jessey said...

Exactly! Paris Hilton, ugh, she is just fugly.