Monday, November 21, 2005

Nice dirt.

You're thinking...
"Why am I looking at a patch of dirt?"

Well, it's because you are NOT looking at a patch of dirt. You are seeing what is not there.
You are actually looking at the absence of the most hated object in the world.
What you are seeing is the void left in my yard after the removal of the thorn in my side.
You are looking at the spot where the AmeriGas tank used to sit, blighting my yard, burning my eyes!
It's gone! It's gone!
Ding dong the tank is gone, which old tank?, the peed on tank! Ding dong the wicked tank is GOOOOOOOOOOONE!
Now I gotta cut loose. Footloose.


cube said...

Yay! Now what are you going to do for heat?

Jessey said...

Oh, we've already got the replacement hooked up. It's been a MONTH with the new tank hooked up and the old tank glaring back at its former place of glory. Rusting in the sun.
And, my husband regularly peed on the old tank too, as some sort of primal retribution.
So, it was peed on and besmirched. Hopefully it has a good home now.