Monday, November 21, 2005

The One Where I Should Have Just Gone To WalMart

I have a toddler. She's 20.5 months old. She's very smart, very funny and VERY belligerent.
As typical for toddlers, it's her way or a tantrum. There is no highway. There is no other way.
This obstinance was on full display yesterday as I attempted to cut corners on her holiday pictures.

See, we HAD an appointment at the WalMart Portrait Studio earlier this month for her pics to be taken "professionally" (which means, by a pimply obese girl who shakes a feather duster and calls it a day). That appointment was a bust, as said obese girl was a moron and wouldn't snap the pic at the right time, Elizabeth would be smiling, PhotoFatty is picking her nose, allegedly. Elizabeth is making a frog face, blammo, we got a pic of that!
After about a half hour of wrestling Elizabeth back onto the photo crate, I called the photo shoot off and rescheduled for three days later. In the interim three days though, I thought, I always get cute pictures of her, maybe I could just do it myself!

Somehow my sister in law thought it would be a good idea to have me take HER kids pictures too...she was wrong, but that's a whole other story. So my sister in law, myself and the three kids go out yesterday looking for a good Xmas photo spot. The kids are all looking cute, I was cranky, but what's new?
We FINALLY find a place that will work and get the kids out, and start taking pics. OK, three kids will never smile all at the same time. Two kids maybe. Two kids and a toddler, never.

I couldn't get her two kids (8 and 6) to stop hating each other long enough to smile nicely. I couldn't get MY kid to acknowledge the camera at all.
I ended up with about 20 horrible digital photos of kids in various stages of smiling, frowning, goofing off and flat out running away.
I then tried to get photos of just MY kid. Yeah right. With the big kids playing, there was no way I was going to get any cooperation from my --expletive deleted-- darling angel.
So I gave up.

Here are the **best photos** from my photo shoot.


Anonymous said...

I think the top picture is adorable! Besides, unposed shots are far better than ones taken by photofatties.


cube said...

Posed shots always look forced, because they are forced!

I like the one with the juice bag best myself. She is such a cutie.

Jessey said...

She does look super cute. If only the juice box was not blocking her cute holiday dress.
I am seriously debating whether or not to even attempt to take any more photos. She clearly does not care about holiday pictures.