Thursday, November 03, 2005

Study says most U.S. kids have bedroom TV

Does TV in kids' bedrooms make them dumb?

I don't know.

This study says that third graders that have TVs in their rooms score significantly lower on standardized tests than those without TVs in the bedroom.

My kid doesn't have a TV in her room and I plan on keeping it that way, mostly because I think TV in the room is disturbing to sleep. But also because I want to know what my kid is watching on TV, and not have her behind closed doors watching something, ahem, untoward.


cube said...

When I was a kid (back in the Cambrien Period), TV wasn't the degenerate pile of poop that it can be today. So I wouldn't allow it in this day and age.

Jessey said...

I had TV in my room as a teen, but not as a toddler.
I think there is a very significant difference there. If your kids grow up their whole lives totally immersed in a glowing box, I think it messes them up. Kids need fresh air and activity, not more Elmo and Powderpuff Girls or whatever.
That being said, my kid probably already watches too much TV. I should wean her off of it. Though, she is usually more interested in drawing pictures or running around outside than whatever is on that's a good sign.

Dak-Ind said...

we have a telly in my infant sons bedroom. it is NOT hooked up to the cable. there is a movie player in there so that when we are playing in there, i can turn on the teletubbies movies, or thomas the tank, or even Hard Hat Harry. i want my sons to have the luxurys like tvs in thier rooms, but i want a measure of control over it, too. this seems to work out for us. my teenage son has a telly in his room, and his viewing habits are overseen by his dad, but mostly he is responsible enough (so far) that we havent needed to remove it.