Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Actor Colin Farrell Treated for Dependency

Color me shocked.
Colin FARRELL? An alkie? A pill popper??
But isn't he Irish? **

**The green blood runs through these veins as well, so it's OK for me to make fun. :)


Freebird said...

Maybe someone will pluck his eyebrows while he's in there. Ha!

Jessey said...

Oh, so harsh.
Poor Colin. It's the eyebrows that made him take the drugs in the first place.

Colin: What should I do tonight, charity work, church service, meals on wheels delivery? Hmmm...
Left eyebrow: Colin! Take these pills!
Colin: What? I don't want to!
Right eyebrow: Take the pills dude! We'll grow right into your eyeballs if you don't!
Colin: Yikes, Ok. I'll take the pills.
Eyebrows: Yay!

Freebird said...

Ha ha! You're a nut! :-)

Jessey said...

Seriously though, there's something up with the brows.

Maybe this whole rehab stint is throwing us off of him holing up to regrow the power brows after a waxing accident gone horribly wrong.
It could happen.

Jessey said...

here is the flipside to the photo I posted of Colin Farrell. And seriously ladies, and perhaps gents (are there gents out there?) pill popper or not, shower averse or no, if I was not married and had the access to the man, I'd hit it.
You would too.