Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The One Where I Kick Myself For Not Having My Digital Camera

Yesterday I went to Rainbow Lake to eat my Wendy's chicken sandwich lunch (I got the side salad, not the fries, so it's BARELY fast food, calm down.)
Elizabeth had fallen asleep shortly after munching her first chicken nugget so I had to drive around a bit in order to let her nap before violently wrenching her from her carseat and making her shop at the Wal Mart Supercenter for her daddy's new work boots...
But I digress.

I went to Rainbow Lake, which is the lake where the geese surround your car and honk at you as you park, loudly demanding crackers or bread or human flesh perhaps. On this day, it was maybe too cold for the geese to take the initiative, as they merely watched me park and intently waited for signs that I was planning to exit my vehicle and/or lower a window to drop out bread. I of course was not going to do either with a gaggle of attack geese just 10 feet away, so they stopped arching their long necks and turned back to whatever dastardly plan they were plotting prior to my arrival...
But I digress again...

I pull into the boat dock parking lot and start eating my sandwich. I was listening to a Dane Cook comedy CD, so I was having trouble eating and not choking since I was laughing too hard. The kid was sleeping, so the cussing was OK.
I look out onto the partially frozen lake and I see what looks like the mothergoose. It's like the biggest goose I have ever seen! It's tremendous and dark brown. It's standing with an all brown friend with a snow white head...and that's when I realize. Oh shit! That's not a goose at all!

I was looking at a bald eagle standing in the middle of a frozen lake.
So fricking nifty!
Where the hell was my digital camera???
At home, on the desk.


cube said...

Awesome. Just awesome...well, except for the not having a camera part.

BTW did you dash through the geese?

Amy said...

They are cool. Even though I see hordes of them every day.

Jessey said...

The baldies are pretty common up here in the winter too. If you go to their nesting grounds on any day you're pretty well guaranteed to see one. It was the whole out on the frozen lake that was new to me.

And no, I did not dash through the geese.
Actually on my way out of there I backed into a pothole and thought I had hit one of those monsters. Alas...just a pothole.