Thursday, December 01, 2005

Damn Jin!

Last night on Lost:

Damn, Jin is hot.

*Kate loves Sawyer, but kissed Jack? What? That don't make no sense.
*Mr. Eko is very mysterious and seems to know more than he says. Locke is also very mysterious, and very hot.
*I don't know why all the Losties are judging Ana Lucia, I mean, haven't they ALL killed someone by now?
*I'm sick of Michael and Walt.
*Hurley is hilarious. "So, Rose's husband is white. Didn't see that coming." Hilarious.
*Where is Danielle?
*Why is everyone having sex? Do they have birth control on that island? Did they think Claire had fun giving birth in the dirt?
*Why isn't Hurley losing weight?
*Doesn't anyone on that island smoke? It seems like there were no smokers on that plane, or at least, noone is complaining about having to quit because there's no cigarettes on the island.
*Why would anyone fall in love with Charlie when Sawyer is on that island?


Amy said...

I hate Charlie! I wish he'd get killed off.

And ha about Hurley! It's extra funny b/c when we finally met Bernard, my husband said exactly the same thing.

Jessey said...

Those crafty Lost writers! Throwing us a racial curveball...very sly.

I also HATE Charlie. When I found out that real-life Charlie and real-life Kate were actually a couple, my reaction was, WHY?
She's pretty hot, and he's really hot. Hobbit or no.

Amy said...

I know, I saw a photo of them the other day in a nasty smooch. Ugh. And it is so shallow of us to be saying she's pretty and he's not. I guess he can be really nice. But I find his character so annoying and was SO UPSET when Jack revived him last year after the Ethan hanging incident that I cannot imagine he's anything more than whiny drugged up Charlie.

Jessey said...

And hey, I'm no expert on post-traumatic stress, but seriously, why would Claire ever let anyone be around her baby so much? Especially since these people are all strangers, she had amnesia for awhile too, so they're even MORE strange to her.
I think if I was in a plane crash and some freaky band dude got all attached to me and then tried to get all attached to my baby, in like a month and a half, I'd tell that dude to step the heck off.
What a freako.
You know, I like Charlie even LESS now!

Amy said...

Yes but did you see in the previews Mr. Eko is smashing his virgin mary of heroin? Somebody is going to get in trouble! Especially since Locke knows that he has it and what's in it.

Jessey said...

Yep...ol Charlie is going down. At the hands of the giant Mr. Eko.
That dude is huge!
I could talk about Lost all day and all night.
It's borderline obsession.
Ok, it's full-blown obsession.

~Krystyn~ said...

Hilarious about Hurley - my mom and I said the same thing last night--why isn't he losing weight!!

Charlie-ew...I don't get it...Sawyer is so yummy!

I think the hour LOST is on is the fastest hour of my week-well, Grey's Anatomy and ER run a close second.

Freebird said...

This is totally mean, but I heard somewhere that if they were smart they would've wacked Hurley cause they would've been able to eat off of him for months.

You guys can have Sawyer, he sexy and all, but I like me some Jack!

Freebird said...

Oh, and Jin is hot and I normally don't find Asians attractive at all! Not even the Asian women.

Jessey said...

That shot of shirtless Jin opened up the show, as I'm sure you fellow Losties know, and my husband and I had the following exchange:

Me: Daaaamn!
Bob: I don't think you're allowed to say "Daaaamn!"
Me: Yeah, but who knew Jin had all that going on under there.
Bob: Still.

Amy said...

I am not so in to Jin because he played an evil lawyer on Angel (and ended up getting killed and turned into a zombie, so for the actor's sake I hope he doesn't get killed off this show).