Thursday, December 01, 2005

Is it all bunk?

With thanks to Krystyn's blog

This sign's keyword is precision. Organization, cleanliness and order possess Virgos, and they can be very pedantic in their search for perfection. (GUILTY)

They like certainty in life and analyze everything, down to the most minute detail, before making a decision. (GUILTY)
The Virgo has a thirst for intellectual enquiry, is attracted to history and has a knack for speaking languages. (GUILTY)
People born under this sign are capable of undertaking a variety of vocations, but they may choose to write an encyclopedia or a dictionary. (GUILTY, I've actually written style guidelines for a college newspaper which is just as boring)
Virgos can be very charming and attractive, and they are devoted to family and children. (I am very charming and hot! GUILTY!)
Still, Virgos can be incredibly self-possessed, and they may worry themselves to death, despite their cool, carefree exterior. (Totally GUILTY)The Virgo likes exotic food but has a delicate stomach. (GUILTY)
They may work themselves into a self-critical, nervous frenzy and be simply unable to unwind. (TOTALLY GUILTY, I have insomnia because I can't get my mind to stop worrying)

This all makes me wonder if there IS something to sun signs...hmmm.


cube said...

Yes, it is all bunk. I'm a Capricorn & there is stuff there that, on occasion, could apply to me & vice versa, I'm sure.

Jessey said...

That's what I wonder...I mean, isn't everyone a little bit of every sign?
My husband never worries but he is charming and attractive.