Thursday, December 01, 2005

The Gas Station Attendant Unsuccessfully Tried to Shame Me

So I go to Safeway to get gasoline in my car.
I have a $20, a $1 and a winning scratcher ticket worth $2. I throw it all in the safety drawer (which frankly, I don't understand since they leave the back door open half the time, but whatever) and tell the gal behind the glass to put it all on pump #5.
Over the speaker the lady gas attendant, who is easily 50 if she's a day which I find sad, asks me if I want the scratcher winnings on the pump as well. I nod yes. She tells me it will take a minute to set the pump. I say OK, I'm in no rush.
There was noone else at the station when I pulled up, and I've given scratchers before to buy gas with and had no problem at all. It didn't take any extra time. But I'm starting to think this lady in the toll-booth like office is sort of slow, as she's really looking puzzled with the whole exchanging the ticket for currency thing.
Another guy comes up to the glass and she tells him, "It's gonna take a minute, that girl is paying for her gas with scratch tickets."
He laughs, she makes a face that says "Crazy cheap broad at pump #5, what are you gonna do?"
I immediately fume up. But since I'm with my daughter, I suppress my rage.
It's probably easier for me, since I know I can vent here later...
First of all, I'm not paying for my gas with lotto scratchers, I'm cashing in a scratcher and applying those funds ($2) to my purchase of gas.
Second, $2 doesn't buy a gallon of gas here. In fact, a gallon of gas was $2.33 for me yesterday, so, my scratcher paid for perhaps 7 percent of my total purchase.
Third, what else am I supposed to do with the damn lotto ticket? That's part of your job there in the glass coffin gas booth. You cash in lottery tickets. If I wanted to give you $100 in winning scratchers and buy gas, gum, a coke, etc etc, you'd have to do it, so SHUT UP!
Fourth and final, what business is it of other gas station customers how I am making my purchase? Cash, check or charge or lotto scratcher? I don't know that that's any of anyone's business at all. I mean, do the grocery clerks yell out to the line behind you, "This cheap lady is using a ton of coupons, it's gonna be a while!" No!
Damn gas station broad.


~Krystyn~ said...

She obviously had NO TACT at all, but I must say it makes for a funny blog story.

Jessey said...

I did find the humor in it, even as I seethed with anger. I even thought that I couldn't wait to get home to blog it!

cube said...

Frank Zappa had a song that warned about winding up working in a gas station. Where else is a tactless dumb person going to work?

Jessey said...