Thursday, December 01, 2005

The One Where My Attempts to Manipulate With Sex Fail

My husband and I are renting out a small trailer on our property to a couple of brothers with whom he is friends.
This causes all sorts of problems between my husband and myself. Mostly because I am very pregnant and therefore very intolerant and he insists on being the middleman between my rage and the guys' stupidity.
I am supposed to bring my complaints (as many and varied as they are) to my husband and then he is to deal with the renters.
Unfortunately, our renters are very disrespectful and moronic and continue to do things that we have asked them not to do, like, not park all over our property, but rather in designated spots, and not to smash beer bottles in our yard or leave garbage everywhere. You know, typical things. Things that NORMAL people either would NOT do to begin with or would immediately correct upon the initial complaint.

The other day, I was very upset about something that the renters had done, I can't remember what, and I told my husband to just tell them to leave, that I was completely fed up.
He told me that while he'd like to kick them out, we need the money and that he would talk to them about their sins, again.
Seeing that I wasn't going to get my way, I attempted to manipulate in the following exchange:

Me: You know, it's not worth it. They're trashing our property!
Bob: I'll talk to them about it and tell them if I see garbage again, they're out of here.
Me: It's like we can't even go into our yard anymore.
Bob: I'll talk to them.
Me: We can't even go outside and have sex in our own yard!
Bob: We don't do that.
Me: I was going to start.
Bob: (Laughs and laughs)
Me: What? Maybe I was!

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