Friday, December 16, 2005

Here is Hunter Santa, our newest Christmas decoration.

And right next to him on the display is Snowman Studded with Corn. I don't know WHY the snowman is studded with corn, but he is. And that's funny for some reason.


cube said...

I have always harbored a real fear of all things that are studded with corn, but for some unknown reason, I don't fear this corn-studded-snowman. Do you think it's possible to outgrow such a mania?

Jessey said...

Oh sure.
You know, they say you get all new taste buds every seven years, so, things you hated to eat at age 7 could be delicious favorites at 14. So really, anything is possible.

Freebird said...

That's so cute. Not what I imagined the Santa to look like. I think I imagined him more militant (don't ask me why).

That looks more like uncooked oatmeal flakes than corn.