Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Is there a way to cash in on this?

I've discovered my hidden talent!!

I'm listening to the radio, and this advertisement for a website called Earthshare comes on. The voiceover sounds SO familiar, yet, I can't seem to place it.
I close my eyes.

Instantly, I know who is speaking.
I quickly search the Internet and prove myself right.
Ah, it feels so good.

There's got to be some way to make money from this useless skill.


Amy said...

Yes, if you figure it out let me know. I'm good at it too. I was telling my husband for a few months that Julia Roberts did AOL commercials and he didn't believe me. Ha!

Jessey said...

It's a rare and special gift. I only wish I could properly exploit it!

cube said...

My husband has a way better ear for this kind of thing than I do. Me, I'm tone deaf to stupid celebrity voices ;-)