Thursday, December 22, 2005

Disgusting pigs gone wild

As much as I hate burglary, robbery, kidnapping for ransom, carjacking and attempted extortion, I gotta say, if ANYONE in the whole world has got it coming to him, it's Joe "Girls Gone Wild" Francis.
He's a sleazy, douchebaggy, fake tan, fake teeth, faaaake hair MFer, who got rich from coercing drunken fool women into flashing their breasts and other bits to his camera crew.
If anyone deserves the poetic justice of having someone break into their house and coerce him to make a sexually demeaning videotape it's him.
Too bad the burglar wasn't giving out Jackasses Gone Wild T-shirts, because then Joe might have called it a wash.


cube said...

It couldn't have happened to a better slime-ridden protozoa-like excuse for a human being. Would I be going too far to call him a waste of sperm?

Jessey said...

I forgot to mention the obvious nose job on this vain POS.
And no, waste of sperm is not a stretch.
They say every sperm is sacred. Well, every sperm save the one that created this scum-guzzling assclown.
Oh, I hate him.

Freebird said...

I miss this story. Someone broke into his house and videotaped him against his will? What comes around goes around. He is a jerk and those GGW girls are just stupid.

Jessey said...

Yeah, I guess this happened like, almost two years ago and it's just coming to light now.

Those GGW infomercials are on in the early morning here, and it makes me so sad for those girls' parents. I mean, good lord.
How could you not beat some sense into your child, or at the very least put them in rehab, after seeing them on a tape like that.

Amy said...

I always thought what would be totally awful is the pervert dad who purchases the video for his viewing pleasure then gets an eyeful of his little girl's boobies. I bet that'd stop him cold from watching that crap again.

And you found the weather pixie! It is cute, isn't it? I stole it from another blog.

Jessey said...

Ooh, that's justice right there. Pervy justice.
I honestly don't understand the appeal of the chicks flashing the camera video, but maybe that's because I see those things every day.

And Weather Pixie, oh so cute! I got a goth one. Not because I'm all goth or ever was, but just because I liked the purple hair!!

mark-miller said...

Oh look, all the fat and/or ugly chicks are complaining...

People get on camera and act stupid.
Most of the girls on GGW are college girls.

Also, you petty nobodies, unsuccessful people love to bash those who are
(REGARDLESS of what they do).
This guy, whatever his name is, has done much more than just film
film girls who want their 15 seconds of fame.
If it was so easy, everyone would do this and make millions.

Yes, every cute girl who is real thin and dresses sexy is, according
to most fat woman, a slut, stupid, etc.

People here "hate" this guy for selling video's?
Really? Well, high school drop outs,
if you hate someone who sells stupid video's, then where does someone
like Hitler rate on your list? Super duper hate?
Uh, stupid people make me sick.

Jessey said...

I reserve my "super duper hate" for people who can't properly use apostrophes.
It's videos, not video's.