Monday, December 05, 2005

Shower time!

I had my baby shower over the weekend. My friends Corrine and Lia worked tirelessly to set up and coordinate the whole event, right down to the funny games and the delicious (really, it's not just the hungry mom talking) cake. Yum, marbley cake with strawberry filling, a gustatory dream.

One of the games we played was guess how fat Jessica is...this was not MY personal favorite game.
Everyone tried their hand at rolling out sheets of toilet paper that would perfectly wrap around my baby belly. So many people had so many extra sheets on their guesses, that I offered a dollar to the person who came up with the shortest roll. Ha ha, everyone laughed, but I mentally pictured my wallet just to make sure there was at least ONE dollar in there. There was.
It was looking like my friend Shannon, mother of SIX and therefore pregnancy expert, would be the winner, until my niece Zoe took her turn. Her roll of TP fit PERFECTLY, and she won the game! Zoe is only eight years old, which makes her stunning win all the more exciting and unexpected.
Along with being called fat, Baby Boy Evans got some great presents as well. He got some cute sporty outfits, diapers, baby accessories and toys. His big sister to be Elizabeth even got some consolation presents...which I found very sweet.

So now, all the real excitement is over. The party has been held and cleaned up after, the nursery is pretty much set up, our room is prepped for hosting a baby for several months (we had Elizabeth in our room for her first five months and I expect to do the same with Baby Boy). It's just the waiting waiting waiting now.

28 days. Four weeks. Less than one month.
Eek, yikes and egad!


Jessey said...

PS, I'm scared that the alternative White Mountain Mom works in the nursery at my local hospital, especially after reading this post

Freebird said...

Lol! Wouldn't that be scary? I remember that TP game. I'm glad you had a nice baby shower.

Amy said...

Is that your stomach? You don't look huge.

Jessey said...

That's my enormous baby incubator, yep.
I FEEL like I weigh 2,000 pounds, but I don't.
I just got weighed today at the docs...I dare not say how much I weigh, but it was NOT 2,000. They didn't have to get the elephant scales!

compassioNAT said...

did you guys just invent this game? it's hilarious.. and yea i agree, if that's your tummy, it isnt looking very big at all.

Jessey said...

You guys are sweet, but I'm a house. I'm the hippo that ate a house.