Monday, December 05, 2005


I am four weeks away from a SCHEDULED C-section!
Now, I can at least rest my head on having that appointment and knowing how and when and the specifics of what has to be done beforehand. And it's a lot!
I have to do to pre-op interviews and get pre-op labwork. What a pain!
Anyway, yippee!
We're scheduled for Jan. 2, 7:30 am.
It's kind of odd to schedule your kid's birthday!


eva said...

So tonight over dinner my mom asked how far along you are and I mentioned that you're scheduled to deliver Jan. 3 (that was before I read this post). Then my dad claimed that if you delivered on the 31st you can claim your child on your taxes or something and get a break... I don't know if he's full of shit, but hey, that'd get you a second kid a full two days earlier!

compassioNAT said...

scheduling birthdays is quite common here although for a different reason...mums try to schedule an 'auspicious' day to give birth. dates like 20-05-2005 are really popular.they book up the whole hospital and hinder those whose babies were really due that day.

Freebird said...

That's great news! I'm sure you're more than ready.

Jessey said...

Eleeza - Garo is correct. If this darling child was born during the year 2005, even just the very last day, I could claim him on my taxes.
Pretty sneaky eh?

I am just too glad to actually have a date now, I don't want to push my luck with my less than ideal doctor.

cube said...

January 3rd is my birthday. I always got cheated in the presents & parties department because it was so close to Christmas & New Year's. Don't let that happen to your baby, OK?

Jessey said...

I promise to gift my child profusely for both Christmas and his birthday. I vow to not fall prey to Donna Martin Syndrome.

Amy said...

Ha, my dad's birthday is January 3rd and always got cheated too. He got lots of underwear. Although that may have had more to do with them being poor.

cube said...

Hey, at least Amy's dad got underwear. I often got 1 gift for Christmas & was told it was for my birthday too. And I have never had a birthday party in my life *sigh* It's not easy being an early January child.

BTW who, pray tell, is Donna Martin?

Jessey said...

My goodness!
This may warrant a whole new post.