Tuesday, December 27, 2005

So, *this* is Christmas?

We had a big family get together Christmas Day celebration rigmarole over the weekend.
I tried to enjoy myself, and stay off my swollen ankles, aka cankles, but it was hard what with all the gift-giving, merriment and oh yeah, contractions.

They started last weekend, pre-Christmas weekend, but were mild and infrequent and mostly at night.
Then last Monday evening, they got more regular, but still mild. Come Christmas weekend, yikes!
Every eight minutes I'd have a nice doozy of a contraction. Strong enough that my brother in law kept asking me if I was OK. Strong enough that I was timing them. Strong enough that I was making sure no bits of baby were poking out of me.

These contractions continued all day Saturday, all day Sunday and all day Monday. Today is Tuesday and so far, we've had a few strong ones, but they're mostly mild. But even mild, they're still happening. Luckily, they're still eight or so minutes apart and not getting "progressively closer together and stronger" as that would indicate the onset of "real labor"...

Apparently, all this pain and agony is "false labor" and not as I like to call it "motherf%&*ing torture."

My mom should be arriving here tomorrow afternoon...and she couldn't be getting here at a better time. I am so tired, so wiped out. I can barely muster the strength to get myself to the bathroom in time, let alone look after the house and oh yeah, the toddling bundle of joy.

She, apparently, has sensed my inability to properly deal with her, and is still asleep at this hour, which is 9 am my time. Inconceivable!
Of course, she was awake at 5 am and stayed unhappily awake for about an hour before going in to lay with her daddy before he got ready for work.
This has never happened to us though. She's NEVER slept in this late. She's probably got malaria or some other terrible malady.
Aren't I positive and joyful on this post-Xmas morn?


cube said...

My poor mom went through hell during Christmas when I was being birthed. Hang in there. It's almost over now.

Jessey said...

The best thing about the giant family get together while 80 months pregnant is that a) someone else is cooking and cleaning and b) there are many many sets of eyes watching my other child, who needs many many sets of eyes watching her. She's very devious.