Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Status Check. All Systems, eh, go-ish...

Today is WEDNESDAY, office meeting day. That means I have to get showered, dressed presentably, and drive into town for a meeting that sometimes lasts one hour and sometimes lasts 15 minutes and SOMETIMES is cancelled but I am uninformed and thus show up to the meeting that never was.
Usually this hassle is offset by the joy that is "LOST" but tonight it's a repeat. Boo.
Current temperature: 35
Expected high temperature: 40
Expected low temperature: 15
Time I got out of bed: 8:30 am
Time I went to sleep last night: 10:30 ish
Intervening hours wasted on chasing kids and cats: Two
Total net sleep hours: Eight maximum
Current Time: 10:30 am
Number of times I've called my husband this morning: Zero
Number of times he's called me: Zero

What am I wearing right now: Black sweat pants, black Play It Again Sports T-shirt, grey flannel robe.
What did I eat for breakfast: Leftover homemade turkey pot pie
What did I have to drink with breakfast: Sugar Free Orange Rise and Shine "juice" - it's better living through chemistry
What's Elizabeth wearing today: Pink sweatpants, white bodysuit T-shirt, Hot pink and black Minnie Mouse sweatshirt, hood up.
What did Elizabeth eat for breakfast: Sugar Free Orange Rise and Shine, one banana, one cup of generic Golden Grahams.
What's for dinner: Good question, I should get on that.

What did I dream last night: I dreamt that the little black and white cat Socks caught a mouse that exactly matched his fur pattern. He ate it.
Today's mood: Tired
Times we were visited by Elizabeth last night: Two times. Once at 3 am, once at 5 am. She was successfully returned to bed after the first visit, but I was too tired to fight her at 5 am and let her climb up and sleep with us at 5 am.
Consecutive days I have not slept through the night: I think I am up to five or six days now.
Consecutive nights I've had to lock the kitty door to keep a stray cat out of my house: Three
Mental game I played to get myself back to sleep: Alphabetically list good names for a fish - best answer I remember was G is for Gaston

Best thing that happened yesterday: I finally got the T-shirt I ordered for my brother in law for his Christmas present. So now, I'm officially DONE SHOPPING! Yay! It's on to wrapping. Boo.
Worst thing that happened yesterday: Fought with Bob about laundry
Loads of laundry I have to finish today: One left to fold, three full wash, dry, fold loads. So technically four.
Loads of laundry I likely will finish today: One, maybe two.

Number of times I've caught Elizabeth buck nekkid today: One
Number of times she's talked about Shrek so far today: Twice
On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the most uncomfortable, my current preggo status is: 6
Number of MP3s downloaded today: Zero
Number of CDs burned: Zero
Amount of actual work for work done today: None
Amount of actual work for home done today: None, actually, less than none because I've dirtied dishes, putting me in the red for the day. More dirtying than cleaning.
Do I plan to go to Big Lots today?: Yes, for laundry supplies.
Did I go to Big Lots yesterday: Yes. I'm addicted.
Daily top score on Yahoo Pyramids, so far: 50050, logged last night
On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being horrible, 10 being super great, I expect today to be: 7 - great, but in a less obvious way.
Using the same scale, yesterday was: 6 - A good day overall


cube said...

Good night! You left out only 2 things. How long it took you to collate all that information AND the kitchen sink ;-)

Jessey said...

It took about a half hour to get my status check all worked up.

Status of Kitchen Sink: Some dirty dishes. I give myself a C on housekeeping today.

Anonymous said...

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