Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Someone still wants to be the baby...

And for a change, it's not me.
I set up the playpen bassinette in our bedroom yesterday evening, mostly to see if it would do in lieu of an actual bassinette which costs at least $60 and would be used for maybe four or five months.

Survey said the playpen bassinette would work just fine for us, and if not, we could always have the baby sleep in the actual playpen portion of the playpen until I was comfortable having him sleep in the crib, which is located about as far away from my bedroom as possible thanks to a split floorplan.

Anyway, long story short.
Elizabeth wants to get into the bassinette which is only designed to hold 15 pounds and she is almost twice that. I tell her "No, that is for the baby, you're a big girl."
But Elizabeth decides that she IS the baby and this "big girl" crap is just that. Crap.
So she hauls her little buns up over the side of the playpen and into the bassinette.
She's in there jumping around, and when I catch her out of the corner of my eye and turn around she stops and assumes what can best be described as the 1950s elementary school atomic bomb alert so get under the desk position. She's all curled in a ball.

Me: I can still see you.
Elizabeth: (Pops up and laughs)

I take her out of there, tell her again that it's for the baby, and she's a big girl. To which she responds by frantically pointing at the bassinette and yelling "Where's the baby? Where's the baby?"

At which point, my husband arrives home from work, and I collapse in a puddle of worn out goo.

She's also decided that despite her too-big size and yen for all things relating to total freedom, she needs desperately to get into the jumperoo and play with all the toys. I think more to make sure that they are safe for the baby then for any personal or selfish reason. She's a tester. A jumperoo tester.

But isn't she cute when she's sleeping??


cube said...

She's a cutie. I have to warn you, though, my oldest was the sweetest child until her sister came along. Then sibling rivalry took over & she changed into quite the brat. She just didn't want to share the spotlight. Maybe it's different with a boy/girl set, I dunno.

Jessey said...

Elizabeth is already quite a piece of work.
She can be very sweet and very cute and very nice, when she wants to be.
But have the battle armor ready when the mood strikes her to pull out the bitch cannons.
She can really turn it on.
Hopefully, she'll have loving feelings toward her baby brother. She really does love babies, and most of her cousins are boys, so she's used to being around boys, hopefully it won't be TOO bad.

Plus! Given my whole thing with MY brother, I know what to NOT do as a mom to keep the peace between siblings. My mom is a big side chooser, hint hint, she hardly ever chooses mine. Choosing sides is probably the worst thing you can do during the sibling fight, IMO.

Amy said...

Cube, I love that you said your daughter was a brat. When do you ever hear parents admit that to strangers. It gives me hope!

Jessey said...

My kid is putting on her best "I'm a terrific brat" performance right now.
She's two seconds away from going back to live with the gypsies.