Friday, December 09, 2005

Trump on Melania: "monster" and "blimp"

Donald Trump went on record calling his pregnant wife a "monster" and a "blimp"
Not smart.

Doesn't he know that hell hath no fury like a pregnant woman called either cranky or fat? Or GOD forbid, both.
What a stupid ass.

In other news, Matt Damon and his former barwench fiancee Luciana Barroso are expecting a baby together.
What is up with all these celebs getting knocked up and then getting married (said the girl who was pregnant, unbeknownst to her, at her own wedding).

So far the list of unwed mothers and fathers includes:
The aforementioned Damon and Barroso
Michelle Williams and Heath Ledger (as if to PROVE that he's NOT gay as that gay cowboy movie comes out)
Ben Whofleck and Jennifer Garner were knocked up then married
Rachel Weisz, of The Mummy, and her fiance
Reportedly Nicole Kidman and the very old-womanish Keith Urban are expecting and are not married nor engaged as per reports.
Mark Wahlberg and his longterm on and off again girlfriend/fiancee, model Rhea Durham, are expecting baby number two together, reportedly
American Idol also-ran Bo Bice married his knocked up fiancee just before she dropped their baby earlier this year, classy dude.
Plus sized comedienne Mo'Nique had TWINS with no wedding ring earlier this year
And of course, the most famous non-married parents to be of all, TomKat

I just don't know about all this...


cube said...

Trump doesn't fear Melania. Melania knows that he is the boss.
Obedience is one thing the rich & powerful guys look for in a trophy wife.

Jessey said...

If my husband dared even insinuate that I was fat right now, I would castrate him. Thank goodness he's not rich, because I have a bad temper when it comes to being called bitchy and fat.

Amy said...

It is so weird, how can so many celebrities have surprise pregnancies?

Jessey said...

A theory:
They have so much money and access to resources aka nannies etc, that they don't need the support of the marriage contract to ensure proper care of their children.

They can get knocked up by dudes who then say they're not the dad 'cause the chick's out sleeping around and then they prove that the guy is the dad and then refuse child support because they don't need it...ahem Liz Hurley.

Could I do that, as a regular normal person? Hell no. I was terrified to discover I was pregnant and I WAS married and had loving support and all that.
It's just such a crap shoot when you get knocked up by your boyfriend. Egad.