Friday, December 09, 2005

Stray Cat Has Got Me Spinning

That damn little stray cat has gotten into our house the last five or six nights in a row.
Our own cats seem to have accepted this little disease carrying intruder and just allow him (or her) to come and go at will.
The little bastard will wait until it's dark outside AND inside and then he (or she) pops in through our cat door and roams our house.
After the second consecutive night this week that this little fleabag woke me up with his (or her) scrambling around the house, I started locking the cat door so noone could go in or out.
Well, Mr. (or Ms.) Smarty Cat has figured out, apparently, how to open the door despite it being locked.
Last night I woke up to the clanking of a pan I left in the sink from last night's chicken dinner. That little f*&%er had licked the pan clean. I had to throw it away, just based on my own fear of getting the heebie jeebies from a dirty rotten filthy animal.
I woke up Bob and he chased that cat around the house for awhile before it escaped again through the cat door.
My first phone call of the morning will be to the Humane Society to ask them to come trap and remove this little pest. If they won't, it's on to drastic measures.
I can't take it anymore! Am I wrong to be going nuts over this?? The whole situation disgusts me, and now, I've lost a perfectly nice pan.
I'm beyond pissed.
I'm furious.


cube said...

The things that happen to you! Have you tried putting something heavy in front of the cat door? Not forever, just until the kitty gives up on your house & moves on.

Jessey said...

Last night we rigged the inside of the door with a shoe and a chair, so it couldn't be opened.

I think I'm gonna rig up a tiny hangman's noose though...damn furry beast.

I miss my pan!

Jessey said...

UPDATE on the varmint!
I just got off the phone with Game and Fish. They are going to lend us a trap to trap that S.O.B. and get him out of our lives once and for all.
I am so excited, honestly, I cannot hide it.