Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Who is Donna Martin?

I blithely mentioned Donna Martin in reference to my own impending holiday season birth.
Here, briefly, is the Donna Martin bio.

"Donna Martin" - 90210 Character -
* Born on Christmas
* A virgin until well after high school
* Likes to eat popcorn with her ice cream
* Almost didn't graduate high school because she got drunk at the prom

* Had a learning disability which undiagnosed had caused her to have a tough time in school
* Had a boyfriend named Ray who pushed her down a flight of stairs in Palm Springs
* Caught her mother cheating on her father
* Was a princess in the Rose Parade
* Had a cousin who turned out to be her sister-cousin, since she was during an affair between Donna's father and his own sister in law (no wonder Felice cheated)
* Is a fashion designer, and opened a boutique with Kelly
* Couldn't stick with one hair color to save her life
* Was addicted to painkillers
* Went to France and couldn't speak French and became a model, oh and accidentally ate brains
* Was stalked and held hostage by some creepy dude in college
* Married David Silver in the series finale

Did I forget anything??


cube said...

OK, now I'm sorry I asked. But you did leave out the frog-eyed part.

cube said...

Wait, I was too quick to push the publish button on my last post. What is the DM syndrome?

Jessey said...

Frog eyed and cavernous cleavage goes without saying when you are talking about THE Donna Martin.

Donna Martin Syndrome is the whole combo presents thing. Donna was born on Christmas and we were led to believe that even though her dad was a doctor, she got one combo present set instead of two present sets - a birthday set and a Christmas set.

So when I vow to avoid it, it is just saying that I won't combo present my baby.
Or tolerate frog eyes, or a gaping hole of cleavage, cause, he's a boy, and that would be weird. No offense pre-ops.

cube said...

OK, now I get it. Once again, you've given me a dose of celebrity dish on a celebrity that I barely knew existed ;-)

Jessey said...

Oh, that's funny! She barely does exist. Mostly only in my nightmares. And of course on Lifetime television for women.