Friday, January 27, 2006

The electric company loves us

At my house along with a rousing round of 20 Questions, we like to play a game called "What Will It Take To Trip the Breakers" aka "Could We Turn on ONE More Lamp" aka "Can We Get the Power Meter to Explode?"

This morning I went into my bedroom, which was unoccupied, and turned off the television, a small space heater and a bedside lamp. Right now we also are burning money by having a light on in the unoccupied laundry room, lights on in the living room along with a TV blaring that noone is watching, a fish tank bubbling in Elizabeth's bedroom, lights on in both bathrooms though noone is in either and of course, my watt-sucking computer.
That doesn't even mention all the appliances that are plugged in and draining electricity nor does it account for the fact that Elizabeth, though still shy of two years old, has figured out how to turn on televisions and then run out of the room maniacally laughing and eagerly anticipating the arrival of the electric bill.
Conservation, schmonservation.

1 comment:

cube said...

I leave the TV on all day. I like the company ;-)

BTW I put up some bubble wrap just for you.

Have a nice weekend.