Monday, January 23, 2006

Elizabeth has croup, again

The seal is back!
Elizabeth started having the barking seal cough again last night so I took her into the doc's office today, where he prescribed her steroids again. This time, in liquid form. Fun.
She HATES liquid medicine. I should have told him to give me the pills. It was ever so very much easier to crush them up and hide them in her yogurt.
Ah well.
She'll get better regardless.
On the flip side, I had my three week checkup today and I'm A-OK good to go. I can start exercising now and everything (yay)
I'm already down 20+ pounds from my giving birth weight. Good for me! Way to go!


Amy said...

20 pounds! What is your secret? I mean, aside from pushing that baby out, obviously.

Freebird said...

Having a seal in the house isn't good. Hope she gets better soon.

Glad you aced your three week checkup. 20+ pounds is a lot. Your on your way to being skinny (or at least a heck of a lot thinner).

Jessey said...

Getting the baby out is pretty much the secret!
He was 8 pounds 5 ounces, plus a couple pounds of placenta and another couple pounds of fluids and then uterus shrinkage...that's like 12-14 pounds right there.
PLUS I'm so freaking busy with two kids, I barely remember to eat half the time. When I do remember to eat, I only get a chance to eat half my food before somebody cries.
Also, supposedly breastfeeding helps burn up calories, which is a nice side effect!

cube said...

Good for you.