Saturday, January 21, 2006

Street Heckling Boosts My Self Esteem

Let me set the scene for you...
I was 21 years old, about to graduate college and heading to a job interview at a wire service in San Francisco. (A note for the curious few: I did NOT get the job.)

So I woke up at O'DarkThirty to get ready and get into "The City" in time for this interview. I wore a blue suit and my hair was long then so I pulled it into one of those half up, half down hairstyles (In retrospect, I should have cut my hair, I might have gotten the job then.)
I didn't think I looked that great, but then again, I left my apartment in Davis, CA at pre-5 am and got on the freeway heading westward.
At this time of my life, though it's not relevant to the story, I drove a fantastically beautiful 1997 Ford Mustang, white. I loved that car. I'll have to blog about it's demise at a later date.

So, I FINALLY get into San Francisco and park at a ridiculously overpriced lot. I still have to walk a ways to get to the site of the interview.
On my way to the interview, for which I am terribly nervous, I pass a man who appears to be homeless (I only say so because he was on the street at just past O'DarkThirty wearing dirty clothes, a dirty hat and he was also begging for change).
Anyway, this guy (who incidentally was a black guy, which comes into play later in the story) passes by me as I am walking to my interview and he says or rather he SINGS to me:

Homeless black man: (Singing) "'re looking good today"
Me: (speechless, but nevertheless, flattered)

On my way home, I call my roommate Meredith and tell her of my adventures in The City and my brush with love from the homeless black man.

Meredith: "Well, you do have what the black man want."
Me: "What's that?"
Meredith: "Tits and ass"
Me: "Oh. Yeah."

To this DAY, I remain flattered by that homeless man's song to me on what might have been the most stressful day of my whole life.

I also once was heckled at the Arden Fair Mall in Sacramento.
I was walking into the mall, probably to buy shoes, and this man driving by rolls down his window and yells at me...

Man: (yells something unintelligible)
Me: (pissed off that someone is heckling me) What???!?
Man: You're a very lovely girl.
Me: Oh, thank you.

That fucking made my day.
Thanks perverted drive-by heckler!!


A Girl From Texas said...

That was a nice post. My heckle experience for some reason left me feeling less than feminine....

eva said...

I TOTALLY remember that story! Hilarity. I, too, don't mind the occasional "Damn girl you look GOOOD" heckle. It does wonders for your self esteem.

Freebird said...

It really does do something for the self esteem. I appreciate any and all male attention especially that from that from good-looking guys.

Amy said...

I always get heckled by old men or Mexicans. I wonder what would happen if I ran across an old Mexican.

Jessey said...

Amy: Obviously he'd be in love, and you'd be in trouble!

Amy said...

Jessey you are probably right. If you ever turn on the news and hear the police are looking for an old Mexican man suspected to have kidnapped a young white woman, you better get worried for!

Jessey said...

Amy, as you seem to attract the Hispanic population, I seem to inspire the affection of the African American dudes.
It really must just be the dumps in the truck. I have a lot more dumps and truck too now that I've had two kids!
Sadly, we live in an area that is sorely underpopulated with my target demographic.
But! Even my husband -- who is white as white, though, he does have a Mexican streak in him -- even my husband says he loves my "thick" behind. Ew.
I'd rather lose 30 pounds and be thinner and risk him missing the thickness.
Though I do love him for loving me. All of me.

pstvnrgy said...

Funny, you made reference to this the other day. You got what the black man want. haha