Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Family Feud Infuriates Me

First of all, in order to win Family Feud you have to think of the answers that 100 average people would give, not actual good answers. When they say "good answer, good answer" they really mean "yes! we think a majority of the 100 schmoes asked would say that!"

Now, here's the reason for my ire today.

I watched part of the Feud today while I ate lunch when both kids were sleeping (a miracle!!)
The question I saw was "Name someone who died for a cause."
The No. 1 answer was Martin Luther King, Jr. which is ok...I mean, he had a cause and he got shot. No. 2 was duh, J.C. -- Jesus, No. 4 was Joan of Arc. At this point, someone guessed Abraham Lincoln, which is sort of the same as MLK. I mean Abe had a cause, civil rights, and he got assassinated too. It seems reasonable to include him on this list...but people laughed.
The audience, the host, the other players, they all laughed.
I don't know why this irritated me, but it completely did. Lincoln was not on the list.
It's not as though the question was "Name a fruit that you make pies with" and someone said "Turtle" I thought Lincoln was a reasonable guess. Whatever Family Feud!

Incidentally, No. 3 was Ghandi - who was also assassinated. I don't understand why THAT answer wasn't funny also!
I give up!


Freebird said...

MLK would have been my top answer too. Doesn't hurt that he has his own holiday.

Amy said...

You can probably laugh at Abe because he is just a big, goofy looking white man who had a loony wife. You are not allowed to laugh at non-white people you know, it means you are racist.

Probably most people just don't think of Lincoln being up in a cause. He was president, and he did good stuff, but his cause was just presidential. Although I agree that I don't understand why people laughed. Oh yes I do, because they are STUPID!

And probably did not know who Gandhi was.

Ruben said...

honest abe should have made the list!

cube said...

I agree about Abe, but what do you expect from a bunch of OJ jurors?

Jessey said...

Abe should have TOTALLY made this list, above Joan of friggin Arc.
I blame that damn Amber Tamblyn for this Joan of Arc fiasco.