Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Louie is the best cat ever

Lately, I've been sharing my room (and in the case of Elizabeth, my bed) with both my kids. Dylan, obviously, because he is breastfed it's much easier on my at night to have him RIGHT THERE at 4 am.
Elizabeth has been sick and when she gets coughy and phlegmy, I feel better having her with me at night, you know, because I'm paranoid and what if she stops breathing or something. It's just best to have her RIGHT THERE as well.
This all means that Bob has been riding the couch most nights, which makes me sad, because I love snuggling him at night. There's just no room in our double bed for all these people. And poor Bob, he's just not as flexible as I am when it comes to the subject of minimum allowable sleep.
Add to the mix, our cat and first child Louie. Louie sleeps on the bed, under the covers, tangled in your feet, right up against your back. Wherever! As long as he's on the bed with you, he's happy.

We've had Louie for almost four years. Since before we were married, before we had kids, before we had a home of our own. We had Louie.

We love Louie. My mom, who hates cats, LOVES Louie.
Elizabeth LOVES Louie. Louie loves her too.

This morning at 4 ish, I was up to feed Dylan and I had laid him on the bed to change his outfit (a pee leak) and Louie came over and showed interest in him for the first time. Louie walked over Dylan's tiny body, and Dylan immediately froze up his wildly swinging arms and just looked at Louie with his eyes totally wide, like "What the HELL is THAT THING?"
Louie sniffed him, and continued on his way, presumably to the water bowl or to lay near the fireplace or perhaps both.
It was so early and I was so tired I didn't think to snap a pic of their first encounter, but if Louie's undying love for Elizabeth is any indication, there will be plenty of opportunities to capture his blossoming love for Dylan.


cube said...

Is Louie's raspy tongue licking Dylan's head? If so, that's the reason for the yikes look. It looks like he's thinking, "WTF?

Jessey said...

That's actually Elizabeth's baby head being licked by Louie.
But yes, she most assuredly was thinking, "Ew! WTF? This is NASTY!!"

Now she grabs his face and kisses him on the mouth, so, times have definitely changed!

Freebird said...

Louie just wanted to make sure her head was clean.

Jessey said...

It was really the funniest thing when he did that!
Now, she attacks him.
He was snuggled against her in bed the other day and he kept moving and while she was still totally asleep she was following him around the bed, using him as a pillow and pinning him down.
I almost peed my pants I laughed so much!