Thursday, January 26, 2006


OK, here's some math for you today.
1 crying baby + 1 whining sick toddler X 1 grumpy husband = I missed half of LOST last night. And not like, the first half or the second half, but like bits and pieces all the way through, so the whole episode is barely coherent to me.
I'm devastated.

Someone please recap the episode for me, and then let's discuss.
First of all, I still hate Charlie. I love Locke even MORE now that he beat the crap out of Charlie.
I also enjoyed Claire slapping Charlie in the face. And I ALSO like Kate chasing Charlie away from baby Aaron and Claire. Charlie really is going to snap soon isn't he?
Oh, and Hurley is so funny but he really should be slimming down by now, no? I hope he does get to hook up with Libby. And then I hope she turns out to be evil. EVIL!
See, that's how I like my LOST. All crazy with twists and turns. Oh yeah.


Amy said...

Okay in a nutshell, you wouldn't have really understood it even if you'd seen the whole thing. Charlie's dreaming that Aaron is in danger, but you don't know what kind of danger or from whom. And really how it all played into his back story - him getting the piano as a child, him supposed to be the one to pull his family from poverty, his brother's heroin addiction and then moving to Australia with the girlfriend & kid to clean up and be with his family - did not make any sense either.

And you don't know if he has been using the Virgin Mary Powder, and maybe he's having these crazy dreams because he's high again, or if he is now coming off of them or what.

Freebird said...

This was the episode to miss. No big cliff hanger.

Next week it looks like Sun gets dragged into the jungle against her will.

Jessey said...

NO! Not Sun!
I like Sun.
In the flashback episode for Sun and Jin, the big red building that stood in for Sun's house, it's really a Buddhist temple on Oahu, and I watched that episode practically yelling at the TV "I've been there! I've been there!!"
I'm sort of lame.

Jessey said...

Man oh man, I hope Charlie goes off the deep end all together and Locke has to beat his ass again. That would be sweeet.

Freebird said...

You're so funny! Poor Charlie, nobody likes him. :-(

Why isn't Hurley slimming down? I don't see him and Libby hooking up though. Dude, that would be gross. He would be sweating all over her.

Is it just me or does anyone else wonder how they can kiss each without any toothpaste/toothbrush action? I mean nobody flinches when they get close to each other. I know, I know, it's Hollywood.

Jessey said...

Maybe they chew wild mint leaves???

cube said...

Sorry, can't help. I've never seen Lost.

Amy said...

Maybe they are used to the stench?

There was a mention last year of Hurley's weight. Charlie accused him of hiding food, hinting that he hadn't lost any weight. Hurley yelled that he was down one belt notch and that ht was very large so it was going to take him awhile to lose weight.

They've only been there 50 days or so, and they do eat lots of coconut (high fat!) and boar.

Jessey said...

I wonder if they go all Paula Deen and make like bacon wrapped coconut shrimp. Lord knows I would!