Wednesday, January 25, 2006

A Strange, But Fun, Fact

I was born Sept. 1st, the same day as "Hansel and Gretel" composer Englebert Humperdinck

My husband was born May 3rd, the day after the actor Englebert Humperdinck

Is that weird?


Freebird said...

Yeah, but it would have been wierder had you named your kid Englebert Humperkinck (insert surname here). :-P

cube said...

Weird coincidences spice up life. It's fun to ferret them out.

BTW, it was Arnold George Dorsey who was born on May 3rd. After years of toiling in obscurity, he changed his name to Englebert Humperdinck & the rest is history.

Now, if your husband's name is either George or Arnold... watch out!

Jessey said...

Nope. He's a Robert. I don't even think I know anyone named Arnold - Schwartzeneggers aside.