Thursday, January 19, 2006

What's old is new again

Since we had Dylan, we've brought all the baby toys and baby gear out of storage. We've got a swing, two bouncer seats, playmat toys and other baby crap all over the house now.

Elizabeth is very interested in playing with all this baby gear, despite that fact that her room looks like a Toys R Us outlet store.
She sits and rocks in the baby's car seat like it's a tiny rocking chair with a cushion.

She sits in the bouncer seats and they bend almost all the way down to the floor, she thinks they are great TV watching chairs.

Dylan, on the other hand, doesn't really seem to LOVE the bouncer seats or the toys that hang over them. In fact, he sort of seems annoyed by them altogether.

She is so adamant about playing with all these baby things that I've given up on trying to explain to her that she's a "big girl" and these are for the baby.

Her newest favorite baby toy is this kick and play musical playmat type toy. She used to play with this ALL the time when she was a little mini child.
She must remember it. I know I do. By the time we finally got that thing into storage, my husband and I both knew the sequence of the songs it would play by heart. It was sick. It was sad. I didn't miss this toy at all. And now it's back.


cube said...

That's pretty normal. The older one misses being the baby who gets all the attention.

Jessey said...

Tis true.

Elizabeth has been handling a lot better than I anticipated though. Her furious and spontaneous fits of jealousy are far less volcanic than I originally planned for.
The padding is coming off her walls as we speak! :)
She mostly just wants a lot of extra quality snuggle time with her daddy, which is kind of funny since it's her mom who spends all day and night with the new baby...maybe she's thinking:
"Okay baby Dylan, if that's your REAL name, you can have the mom person - as she's no real use to me unless I need a clean pair of overalls. But I'm keeping daddy! He's the fun one anyway. And he can probably be taught to use the washer. Besides that, mom tries to feed me chicken and vegetables and dad's idea of a good dinner is microwaved burritos and chocolate cookies. Dad rocks! Enjoy your blooby, little man."