Thursday, February 23, 2006

Hell is a waiting room

I have a raging sinus infection. It started as RSV (thanks to Dylan and the 100s of other kids in the hospital with us) and never went away and turned into sinusitis. I get these all the time.
I usually just bomb myself with OTC medicine and the sinus infection goes away, end of story. Since I'm nursing though, I feel weird about taking medicine without checking with a doctor first.
So, I call up a doctor up here and try to get an appointment.

Receptionist: We can get you in on the 7th.
Receptionist: Yes.
Me: By then I'll be over what I have! Is there ANYTHING sooner?
Receptionist: Well, we can see you tomorrow.
Me: Great.

My appointment was yesterday at 2. I dropped the kids off with my sister in law and headed to the office. I was eight minutes late. No matter! The doc was running about an hour and a half behind.
So I sat there with five other ladies waiting to see the doctor. They were all complaining heartily, I just read a magazine.
I finally get in to see the doc and he said I was right, that I do have a sinus infection and he'll prescribe antibiotics. But wait! He wasn't done! He thought, hmm, let me freak this woman out.

Doc: Did you know you have a heart murmur?
Me: What? No!
Doc: Yeah, it's a pretty good one too
Me: What? What?
Doc: I'm going to send you over to get an echocardiogram, just so we can see what's going on.
Me: What? You're freaking me out!
Doc: Don't freak out. If you freak out, I'll have to stick you with a long needle.
Me: That doesn't really bother me.
Doc: Oh, well, that's not much of a threat then. Just don't freak out.
Me: Ok.

Too late!
My daughter had a heart murmur at birth, so I know that most of the time it's no big deal. But any sort of heart malady freaks me out, hello! My dad just passed away after having three heart attacks in two weeks. So yeah, I'm freaking out.

Ok, anyway, I go drop off my prescription for antibiotics and they tell me it will take an hour to fill it. I come back an hour later with both my kids, they tell me it will take another 45 minutes. So I do all my grocery shopping (Super WalMart rocks) and come back an hour later. I've got frozen foods melting in the cart, and Elizabeth is melting down as well.
They tell me it's STILL not ready. I proceed to go nuts.

Me: You said 45 minutes an hour ago, how can it not be ready?
Doofus: There's a lot of prescriptions. There's only three of us. It's a sorting order.
Me: And I've got a cart full of groceries, two little kids and I need to go home. Can someone just fill my prescription?
Doofus: I just flagged it as critical status.
Me: Great, we'll wait right here. (to Elizabeth) Honey you go ahead and scream. Scream that way (pointing into the pharmacy)

And God bless her, that's just what she did. It still took another 20 minutes to get the prescription. I ended up getting home just before 8 pm.
So it was about six hours of waiting and waiting and waiting and about 20 minutes of what I was waiting for. Terribly inefficient.

Oh, and I have a heart murmur. Great!


Amy said...

Did you seriously tell Elizabeth to scream in the direction of the pharmacy window or did you add that in for dramatic effect? B/c if you did that makes it doubly hilarious.

Hmm, heart murmur. The only positive I can think on that one is, you've gone this long without it being a problem so you are probably fine!

cube said...

Sounds like a long miserable day. That you made it home before flogging somebody until they dropped is a testament to your patience and general good will.

Seriously, most of the time heart murmurs aren't serious. You do need to take some precautions when you have dental work and dental cleanings. Prophylactic antibiotics are recommended. Be sure & tell your dentist before hand.

Jessey said...

I most certainly DID give my sweet angel some "guidance" on the direction in which she should project her lovely murmurings.

So the pharmacy people got to hear a near 2-year-old scream "LOLLIPOP!" and "BIKES! EVERYDAY!"
She thinks "everyday" means "everywhere". There were bikes hanging from the ceiling all over the toy department which was conveniently visible from the pharmacy counter.
She also yelled "Looloon! Stuck!" at the many many balloons that were in the rafters at WalMart.
Sometimes it's good to have a crazy child on your side!

eva said...

A heart murmur? Well, the other ladies are right; it's probably nothing serious if you've lived this long with it. That said, however, I am beaming all my good luck thoughts your way darling.

Anonymous said...

I was just told that I have a heart murmur, and the PA and doctor both said that they are fairly common, and don't affect much of anything, but that it's just a good idea to document them.

I know how you feel, though. Three of my grandparents died of heart-related issues, so it makes me a little nervous. But, the doctor wasn't worried, so it's probably quite fine.

Jessey said...

I've pretty much spent every quiet moment I've had lately feeling imaginary heart problems. And yes, I know, you can't FEEL a murmur. I'm just crazy, as any of my regular readers can testify.

Hopefully, all will be well. I have an hour long echocardiogram scheduled for March 7, I'm nervous.