Monday, February 13, 2006

It's a good day!

So far today, I've had a nice time. I'm taking time off of work, so that's one less thing to do. The dishes are done, the house is reasonably clean. I took a shower without anyone crying or hurling themselves at the glass shower door. Then I tried on a bunch of my clothes that I haven't been able to fit into in a looong time, and most of them fit, I got all of them on my body, with varying degrees of attractiveness. Right now I am wearing these cute capris that i haven't been able to get into since before my daughter was born, TWO YEARS AGO. Yikes.
To top it off, both my kids are napping right now, simultaneously!
This can't last!
Elizabeth just fell asleep while I was holding her on my lap and when I went and laid her down in bed she rolled over and said "Thank you."
So cute. I almost cried!

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