Monday, February 13, 2006

Shot Through the Tuchis?

I just watched the movie "The Wedding Crashers" last night. I know, it's been out a while and I'm FAR behind on the times. Whatever. I haven't seen a movie in the actual theater since we saw Dodgeball for our anniversary (sad, I know) and that was almost two years ago.
Anyway, I don't know if this Whittington was shot in the tuchis or not, but this same thing happened in Wedding Crashers.
Quail hunt? Check.
Bird shot? Check.
Vince Vaughn shot in the tuchis? Check.
Maybe Cheney is a big Vaughn fan and was recreating the scene for his pal?


Amy said...

I heard this morning that Whittington was shot in the face and they got "most" of the pellets out and had to use tweezers.

eva said...

1. Isn't Wedding Crashers the bomb dot com? I'm extra in love with Vince Vaughn now.
2. Ohhhh Cheney. I couldn't even believe that story was true yesterday. I thought they were kidding when I heard the eds talking about it in the news meeting, but sure enough, there it was on Ohhhhh Cheney. Precious.

cube said...

You guys act like shooting a lawyer with a load of pellets is a bad thing ;-) Just kidding. It is something Cheney will never live down, even though Whittington didn't follow protocol & announce where he was. Cheney was shooting into the sun & just didn't see him.

BTW Jessey, I hope you don't mind that I removed the Kanye lyrics you left yesterday. I don't want that dolt's lyrics anywhere near my daughters.

Jessey said...

No worries!

And I am in extra love with Vince Vaughn now. Though, I was already in extra love with him before this flick.
I despise that Owen Wilson though. Except in the Royal Tenenbaums, he's crazy good in that. And Meet the Parents, that's a good one too.

Amy said...

I don't like Owen Wilson either! Not a fan of Luke Wilson, although he was okay in Legally Blonde.

Freebird said...

Luke Wilson cute. Owen Wilson not as cute, but I did like him in Meet the Parents.