Tuesday, February 28, 2006

It's good to have a backup

Time: Last night
Setup: Husband Bob just got home from work, he's in construction. I had asked him earlier in the day to measure our rental's windows so I could make curtains before the new tenant moves in.

ME: Hey, there's your tape measure right there (points to top of cabinet)
Bob: I've been looking for that! I had to use my backup.
ME: Well, there it is...wait, you have a backup tape measure?
Bob: (Incredulously) Of course!
ME: (Rolling fit of laughter)
Bob: Are you going to put that in your blog?
ME: Maybe.



cube said...

My husband has more than 1 backup for every tool he owns except for the really large stuff. It's pretty common.

Jessey said...

I had no idea that such a practice was so common. My hubby is kind of a tool freak, as I assume most men are.
He's got QUITE an enviable collection of tools, both power and manual.
Tape measures though, are quite prone to failure according to him and thus require adequate backup.
Who knew!?

Chris said...

I have extras just because I keep losing.. err.. "misplacing" them. Makes sense to me though.

cube said...

I have a compulsive need to have office supplies. I have tons. They give me great comfort.