Tuesday, February 28, 2006

My Son is an Old Man

Top Ten Signs My 8-Week Old Son is an Old Man in Disguise

10. He has no bladder control
9. He has no teeth
8. His favorite activities, in rank order, are sleeping, eating and complaining

7. He is very crabby

6. He falls asleep on long car rides

5. He wears matchy match two-piece outfits
4. His hairline is already receding
3. If he doesn't want to be bothered, he will pretend not to hear you

2. He wakes up at 4:30 am

And the number one reason!
1. He LOVES the Weather Channel


cube said...

LOL! Don't leave out the drooling.

Jessey said...

Ah yes, the drooling...we're still a bit off from the incessant power drooling, but getting there.

Freebird said...

That pic of him ignoring his big sis is funny.

Jessey said...

He's a very funny lad, despite the fact that he only smiles in his sleep. He's like Stewie, plotting his world domination while he dreams of a giant boob.