Monday, February 27, 2006

Where's the Maytag man?

I need a new damn dishwasher.

Every load of dishes comes out dirty. I put them in totally rinsed off, and they come out dirty.
I prefer to use my dishwasher like a giant sterilizer, just giving the dishes a good shot of heat to kill the bacteria etc etc. So everything goes in more or less clean.
However, my dishwasher prefers to operate like a giant space sucking food fighter.
Everything I put into the dishwasher comes out with flecks of food on it. I can't even identify this food. It looks like lemon pepper flecks all over every dish, plate, glass and spoon. I don't use that much lemon pepper, and I certainly don't pour it into my dishwasher!

I need a new damn dishwasher!


Amy said...

At least you notice it. When my husband puts the dishes away with bits of food on it, well the bits of food are not discovered until I'm taking dishes out for dinner, and have to put half of them back in. Sigh.

Freebird said...

I do my dishes by hand. Somehow in my mind I've convinced myself that unless a pair of hands pops out of it and washes each item individually they're not clean. The few times I have used a dishwasher they always come out dirty.

Jessey said...

I usually unload the dishwasher at 0'dark Thirty in the morning, BEFORE the first cup of coffee, so sometimes the flecks escape me as well...that is until darling hubby reaches for a glass out of the cabinet and scolds me.
Him: "Why do you put dirty dishes in the cabinet??!?!"

Me: "I need a new dishwasher!"

cube said...

My mom had one of those dishwashers way back. The new models are pretty good at getting everything off.

Your comic reminded me of the old joke about the hillbilly who says the plate is as clean as cold water can get it. And his dog's name is Cold Water.