Monday, February 27, 2006

Tha Dawg Pound

OK, so my impetuous husband bought a dog.
He bought a $20 mutt dog from a family selling a litter on the side of the road out of their pickup truck.
How much more hick-ville can you get? The dog was not chewing tobacco at the time of purchase, but I have no such information about the former owners.

We let Elizabeth name the new dog. She initially named him Doggie, then Ruff. We later changed his name to Rocky. She still just calls him Doggie.
Right now Rocky is living on our front porch, which is really like a big deck, we're finally getting good use out of the baby gate as it is blocking the stairs thus creating a big doggie playroom out of the deck.
He sleeps in a cardboard box that formerly held a shop vac. He poops everywhere. His pee dries so fast, I can't find it - though, it's probably everywhere too.

Elizabeth loves this dog. She spent a half hour this afternoon out on the front porch covering him with a blanket and watching him wriggle his way out. It was quite entertaining, I will admit.

Though I wasn't really prepared to have a dog, I have to say, the little mutt is growing on me.
I always did love Rocky. If we get another dog, we'll have to name it Drago.


Amy said...

Oh no how could you with all that extra poop! I hope he is at least going to pick up dog poop. And clean the dog's tush! My dog of late has been unable to poop cleanly. Many times my husband is sticking his nose in tell-tale brown spots on our bed to determine if they are poop. Sigh, he is the one with the functining nose. Couldn't he tell she smelled like poop when she came in the house?

Jessey said...

Sadly, I've been the one on poop patrol.
Hopefully I can convince the aforementioned husband who couldn't live without this dog that he should compromise and pick up dog crap since I change ALL the baby and toddler diapers.
Seems fair to me!

eaf said...

That is one cute dog. I see how he fell victim... especially since he clearly doesn't have to deal with the not-so-cute end. :-)

Freebird said...

Cute! Every girl needs a dog.

Jessey said...

Now we've got rain coming and the dog doesn't have his outdoor living area so he's in our laundry room secured by the multipurpose baby gate.
Yay! Whining puppy inside!
This is SO what I didn't want!

cube said...

Awww, he's cute. Don't let the cuteness spoil him. Train him early that he's the dog & you are the humans.

Freebird is right about every girl needing a dog. Boys too.

eva said...

Awww. Super cute! And Rocky is the perfect name, too. But you better make Bob do some poop scooping. Only fair!