Wednesday, March 08, 2006


My husband, like lots of people in America, is wary of anyone who even remotely appears to be Middle Eastern.
I had my heart scan yesterday and it is going to be reviewed by the hospital's heart specialist, who I believe is from India.
Bob has seen this guy's picture before and erroneously thinks, regardless of his ACTUAL nationality, that he is a terrorist.
Yesterday our conversation went as follows:

Me: I think that heart doctor is going to review my test.
Bob: You mean Akbar Mohammed Osama?
My Sister In Law: What??!
Me: Bob thinks he's a terrorist.
Bob: He is! Abdul Akbar bin Laden!
Me: That's not his name.
SIL: What's his name?
Me: Stephen Mehta.
SIL: (laughing at Bob)
Bob: That's just his COVER name.


cube said...

I don't have warm & fuzzy feelings for the little sheet-heads either.

Jessey said...

He's not even Arab, that's the funny part.
Bob's just crazy.

Joeja said...

Do you live in Arizona, or northern Idaho?

Jessey said...

I told you! It's a very similar vibe twixt the two locales.