Friday, March 31, 2006


I caught Elizabeth climbing up the entertainment center this morning. She got put into time out in her room.

A couple minutes later I went into her room, released her and explained that climbing on the entertainment center was not allowed, that it was dangerous and she could fall down and get an owie.

Dutifully, Elizabeth repeated back what I said:

"No climbing. Getta owie. Dinnerwiss."

"Dinnerwiss?" I said.

"NO!" she said. "Dinnerwiss."

"Dinnerwiss." I said, again.

"NO!" she said again, clearly upset that I didn't understand. "Dinnerwiss."

At this point I gave up trying to figure out what dinnerwiss meant. But she did not give up trying to get me to understand her.

"Dinnerwiss, dinnerwiss! Owie. Dinnerwiss!" she said.

"Dinnerwiss?" I said to myself...thinking, pondering..."Oh! DANGEROUS!"

"Yes!" Elizabeth said. "Very good."


eva said...

It's all very dinnerwiss to not eat your grilled cheese sandwich your mommy makes you.

Jessey said...

indeed! Very very dinnerwiss...
Especially when said sandwich was cut into very perky triangles for you!

Chris said...

*lol* talking to toddlers is always fun. I find that I understand what she's trying to say more than anyone else, but there are times where I'm stumped too. She gets frustrated and starts yelling and pointing to whatever she's trying to say.

Yesterday we went out to a Mexican place for dinner and we got fried ice cream for desert. She calls it "ob beam". I tell her to say "ice" and she says it perfectly. I tell her to say "cream" and she says "beam". I say, "Ice cream" and it's "Ob Beam". I don't get it.

Jessey said...

Dinnerwiss is definitely my favorite toddler pronounciation right now.
She just copies EVERYTHING we say, sometimes accurately, sometimes not.

She's getting into the habit of saying "I didn't say that!" when we incorrectly guess what she said.
Mostly it's clear but sometimes mumbo jumbo