Friday, March 31, 2006

Tribbiani Tribulations

"Friends" star Matt LeBlanc files for divorce

Sad to say I didn't see this one coming.
I wonder if there's a prenup? I'd imagine so, but still.
Weren't these two together for like years and years before they got married? That's sad. They have a little girl with neurological problems too, that can't be easy on a marriage. That and "Joey".

How much longer can Courteney Cox hold out, now that all the other married friends are divorcing. Seriously, who'd have thought that Brad and Jen would have called it quits BEFORE Courteney tired of that ridiculous David Arquette. The men in that Arquette family are very odd. Witness, Alexis Arquette.


cube said...

So are the women...sheesh!

Jessey said...

Are you saying that there's something "weird" about marrying Nicholas Cage and/or being memorialized in song by Toto?

Freebird said...

What?! I didn't see this one coming either. Thanks for keeping us informed.

I say it was the humiliation of "Joey" that cause thd demise of that marriage. That show is painful to watch.

Amy said...

Ha! I said the same thing to my husband last night about Courtney and David! My conclusion, though, was that they are so totally different, and they weathered his drug addiction early on, the struggles to get pregnant, that if they were going to break up it would have happened by now. If they divorce it will fall into the regular 50% chance of divorce category, not the Hollywood divorce problems.

I would say that having two pre-teen step-kids probably didn't help either. They're bad enough under normal circumstances in a divorce situation, but now they have a rich famous step-dad, who has a biological kid with their mom? Mess.

Jessey said...

Total mess.

I saw this story and I told my husband "Joey Tribbiani is getting divorced!"

Bob: "Honey, you know how you are always telling me that video games aren't real..."

Me: Yeah, but this IS real.

Bob: Yeees, BUT, his name is NOT Joey Tribbiani.

Me: Oh! Now he can marry Phoebe!

Amy said...

No! He's free to hook back up with Rachel!

Jessey said...

Ah yes, Rachel.

Amy said...

Have you seen this>?

Jessey said...

Oooooh! Messed up!