Thursday, March 09, 2006

Elizabeth: The Beginning of Year Three

Today is Elizabeth's second birthday. As per custom in my family, she gets to pick her menu for the day. This morning, breakfast is Apple Jacks and orange juice.
She'll probably eat a spoonful of peanut butter for lunch and one stem of broccoli and a crouton for dinner.

Oh, and CAKE!

On a personal note, I can't believe that my little baby is TWO! She started out so little and helpless and now she's so willful and determined. Her newest phrase is "I can't" as in:
Me: "Elizabeth put your Care Bears away."
Elizabeth: "I can't"

But she's not all bad. She just brought her bowl of Apple Jacks to me and told me to pick one. I did, and ate it, and she said "Thank you" and walked away.

When I was pregnant with Elizabeth, I was always worried about how a baby would change my life, was I ready, would I be a good mom, etc etc. I think most moms to be have those worries. Once she was born, that all melted away. In a way, I feel like I didn't start living until I had her in my life. Just hearing her scream "Mommmmmmmy! Cartoons!!!" from across the house, it warms my heart.

She makes me build houses with her blocks and messes up all the Memory game cards so the pairs aren't together anymore. She draws on my furniture and on my walls, sometimes with charcoal from the wood stove.

She is always demanding chocolate milk and hates to have her diaper changed.
But the other night, she was laying in bed with me, getting sleepy and her dad started making a fire (her favorite thing to help with) and she rolled over to face me, tapped me on the face and said "I'll be right back" then rolled off the bed and took off running to help her daddy.

I don't think she came back, and I fell asleep right after that, so I wouldn't have known if she did. I just thought it was so sweet that she was worried about leaving me alone.

I love that silly faces make her laugh. I love the way she laughs when you tickle her.

I love the way she wants to always put on my jewelry and makeup and be a big girl too.

I love the way she freezes up wide-eyed when she hears a strange noise and whispers "Whass that?" and knows the names for all the characters on all the cartoons on all the channels.

I still remember that early morning when she first came into the world and how instantly her presence changed my whole life. And I thank her for choosing me to be her mommy.

Happy Birthday baby!


eva said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARLING! And congratulations to you Jess on your second anniversary of motherhood. You should save these post to give to Elizabeth to read when she's old enough. It's beautiful. So's she. And so are YOU! Mmmmmmwaaah! (that's a kiss smack, dude.)

cube said...

What a lovely tribute. I hope Elizabeth has a great birthday.

Amy said...

How cute! You almost made me want to run home and start making babies, except that I have the nagging thought of teenages in the back of my head.

Freebird said...

Yep, they're sweet until about 13 and then it's all downhill from there for a few years. Things do get a little better when they're 20.

That last picture is adorable. They all are.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Little Miss Bits!

And, like E said, congrats on your 2nd anniversary as a momma. You're doing a great job. She's lucky to have you.


Jessey said...

Don't remind me of the teenage years!
If my mom has her way, I'll get as good as I gave, and I'm just not tough enough to handle a mini-me!