Friday, March 10, 2006

Dream On

Do you ever have very stressful dreams? I don't mean nightmares or scary dreams, but dreams where you wake up and you feel stressed out about things that "happened" in the dream?

I have always had really realistic, really vivid dreams. They are sometimes influenced by TV shows and sometimes by real-life events.

This one from last night was a real-life event dream. This particular real-life event was the formerly ongoing propane wars here at my house. These propane wars have long since been resolved, so it's funny that I dreamt about them now.

Long story short, I dreamt that yet ANOTHER company came out and tried to snatch our propane tank away. This company was a particular one that services our area named Graves (note: this company did not ACTUALLY do any of this, this was all a horrible dream!)
The Graves propane people came out and like the Amerigas people tried to hook up our tank and haul it off. When I went out to stop them (in the dream) they said, oh, well, we think this tank might be ours. To which I responded by pointing out the large sign that said OWENS ENERGY on the side of the tank.
The Graves person said "That doesn't mean anything." and continued to try to haul the tank away.
I woke up before the dream situation could be resolved, which is probably why I woke up all stressed out, feeling like I was right back in the propane wars.
Immediately upon waking up I thought "Sons of bitches!" and almost reached for the phone to start making obscene complaint calls.
But then I remembered, I can't cuss anymore, and that really cuts into my complaint calling style.

I also used to always have a dream as a kid that my mom would be driving the car home and then all of a sudden she would disappear, like, she would vaporize. Then I'd have to climb into the drivers seat, all short, and steer us home.
Now, that's a Jungian experience for sure.

But what about you guys? Do you ever have stressful dreams, or really real dreams that you can't differentiate right away from things that actually happened?


eva said...

I STILL have dreams that I'm in college and it's finals and I've overslept for one critical exam. NOTE: I did in fact do this once my senior year and the world's nicest professor (damned if I could remember who it was now) let me take it when I ran into his office with matted hair in my pajamas and panting roughly 10 minutes before exam time was up. He smiled, handed me the test, sat me down at his desk and gave me the full two hours. But somehow I still dream about it. Aiee. It's stressful.

Jessey said...

I used to have a dream in college that I was taking an English class, but it was so boring I stopped going. When I showed up for the final, the class had turned into a coven and was holding some sort of witch meeting instead of having the final.
In Olsen Hall.
In the basement.