Thursday, March 02, 2006

Feminine Side

I'm admittedly addicted to celebrity gossip.
I buy the gossip magazines all the time. These magazines always end up in our bathrooms. My husband reads them secretly in there.
Yesterday, I went shopping and as I perused the magazine racks I realized I had either read all of the gossip mags or I didn't want to buy a different magazine with all the same stories: TomKat SPLIT?!, Brad and Jen and Vince and Angelina, Jess and Nick Divorce Drama, Lindsay Lohan Please Eat a Sandwich!

So instead I bought this magazine called All*You (asterisk included). I bought this magazine based on the cover lines "Walk away weight" and "Sudoku puzzle in every issue"

I have yet to really get into reading this magazine, mostly because I am super tired all the time and I never have time to go to the bathroom without having to entertain someone simultaneously - whether it's reading to the toddler or bouncing the newborn, I spend a lot of time "multi-tasking" in the most private of rooms.

This morning I found All*You magazine on the floor of my bathroom after my husband was in there. I can only assume he was reading the article "Look 100% Beautiful Whatever Your Age or Shape" or perhaps it was "We Found Slimming Sweaters and So Can You" that drew him in.
I just hope it wasn't "Prettiest Cookies to Give" because that's a mess I don't want to clean up!


cube said...

I never read those magazines. I get all my celebrity gossip from you ;-)

Jessey said...

I've been sorely lacking in celeb coverage here...I'll have to get back to that!!

Sar said...

That's alright, I've been known to read hubby's Men's Health magazines.

Btw, I have 2 awesome links for celebrity gossip in my sidebar under "Between Rounds". And speaking of my sidebar, I've added you to the blogroll my virtual double! :)

Jessey said...

Sweeet! I love being linked!

I've, on occasion, been lowered to reading the (Lord help me) NFL football preseason preview magazines. The ones that scout all the teams and tell you who will place where, according to the "experts". Those magazines cost like $8, so, we read the crap out of them. I think we still HAVE last season's magazine, I should check it for accuracy.
It does help me during the season with my football pool picks though.
At least my husband isn't into college football, that is just crazy.
My dad was mad for college football. He used to TAPE the games of his alma mater. And he went to Notre Dame, so he accumulated quite a video library, I assure you.